Cur autem per HYDRAULICUS system est High Price?


1.The repulsi hydrauSUCTUS dredger circumdatosAureus can output magna et exire compellet, atque can animadverto humilis-celeritate et summus potentia transmissio.

2. The hydraulic driven SUCTUS dredger circumdatos can adjust the speed steplessly during the operation, which is simple and convenient and adjustable.

3. The hydraulic driven SUCTUS dredger circumdatos works smoothly, and the reverse impact is small, and the wear is relatively small compared with other drives.

4. Quod hydrau transmissio est simplex et commodum, salvis agentibus, et laboris, et ut animadverto is facile Automation.

5. Under the same power conditions, hydraulic transmission has the advantages of small volume, light weight and tight structure under the same power conditions as mechanical transmission, electrical transmission and air pressure transmission. Therefore, the price of hydraulic driven SUCTUS dredger circumdatos is relatively high.